Impress Everyone With These 10 Rare and Underused Words!

Published on June 28, 2024

Credit: Dmitry Ratushny

Have you ever found yourself in an " anecdoche "? Do you know someone with " disingenuous " intentions? Among the many entries in the dictionary , certain words stand out, both for their beauty and their great utility . While many of them are present in our daily conversations, others, unfortunately, remain neglected and overlooked , waiting to be rediscovered.

If you want to impress everyone with an original and sophisticated vocabulary , come with us to discover these 10 rare, infrequent English words that should get trendy!



Credit: Katie Gerrard

Ever found yourself repeating a practice you don't know where it comes from? Maybe you always take the same route to work, even though you know there is a quicker way. It's like sticking to a habit despite being aware it's a mistake .

If you recognize this situation, you may be committing a " mumpsimus ." This term describes not only a habit , notion, or idea that someone stubbornly sticks to despite knowing it's wrong but also the person who behaves this way.

The word has a fascinating origin story. Legend has it that a preacher misread the word "sumpsimus" ("we have taken") as "mumpsimus." Even after being corrected, he kept using the word incorrectly. Do any "mumpsimuses" come to your mind?



Credit: Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦

If you have a large family or many friends, this word will be very useful.

Many times, in gatherings of several people, the conversation can become a bit, shall we say, messy. It is the typical crowded dinner: everyone is shouting and talking over one another; a chaotic yet familiar scenario, right? Next time it happens to you, you can say, "Stop this anecdoche !" Everyone will probably stop talking, at least to find out what that word means.

" Anecdoche " captures that exact scenario. It's a relatively new term, defined as a situation where many people are talking, but no one is listening or getting involved with each other's anecdotes.



Credit: Kira auf der Heide

We all have that one friend who loves to give gifts and do thoughtful things for others. If you can think of someone who fits this description, then you know someone truly " munificent ." And if no one comes to mind, maybe that munificent person is you!

This adjective perfectly describes those who love to give and give , finding fulfillment in their generosity without necessarily expecting something in return.

The etymology of this word explains its nature very well: "munificent" comes from the Latin munificus , which blends munus ("gift" or "service") with the suffix -ficus , meaning "making" or "doing."



Credit: Rémi Walle

And if we talk about munificent people, we have to mention how these noble guys always spend their time offering " succor ." If you're not familiar with that last word, let's explore its meaning.

"Succor" is something you give or do for a person or a group of people who need it. It can be used as a synonym for "help," "assistance," or "support."

Now you know, the next time a co-worker or friend gives you a helping hand in difficult times, you can thank them for their succor.



Credit: Jametlene Reskp

Let's talk about another adjective . This one describes people who might not always be frank or sincere, or who have a way of presenting themselves that isn't always honest .

If you've ever had a feeling that someone isn't being entirely genuine with you, maybe that person is being " disingenuous ." This word also has roots in Latin . It derives from disingenuus , which means " not noble ."

In English, disingenuous was formed by adding the prefix dis- (meaning "not" or "opposite of") to the word ingenuous, which describes someone who possesses "innocent or childlike simplicity and candidness."



Credit: Kinga Howard

Few things can compare to the pleasure of staying in your own warm bed , either to catch up on sleep or simply to enjoy the morning in peace and quiet.

But let's be honest; as much as we'd like to, we can't make a habit of it… Or can we? Well, that's where the word " slugabed " comes into play, as defined by Merriam-Webster, for those who just can't resist the temptation of staying in bed late .

So, the next time you find someone still in bed at 11 a.m. , instead of labeling them as "lazy," you can get sophisticated and kindly call them a "slugabed."



Credit: Ganapathy Kumar

If you want to captivate someone special, just look at the moon and, as a good poet, describe its " refulgence ."

This beautiful noun is a sophisticated way of referring to brilliance or shining quality . And it's not limited to literal use, such as describing the sun, the moon, or a cityscape at night. You can also use it metaphorically to depict, for example, someone's delightful smile or charismatic personality.

This noun also has Latin roots , originating from refulgentia ("reflection" or "shining back"), which in turn is derived from the Latin verb refulgere (to shine brightly).



Credit: Dmitry Ratushny

Do you have an activity, sport, or hobby you've been wanting to try? Maybe you're interested in taking a cooking class, learning to ski, or driving, but you're a bit worried about being seen as a " neophyte ." If that's the case, don't worry! We've all been neophytes in different aspects of life, even when it comes to learning new words.

As Merriam-Webster points out, "neophyte" is a noun for someone "who is just starting out in a field of activity ." In other words, a novice .

As you already know, this word can carry either a positive or a negative tone , depending on its context. In any case, if you use it, remember to be careful and not hurt someone's feelings!




Do you remember that first exam, that tough job interview, or that meeting that left you feeling stressed and nervous ? If you often find yourself in such situations, next time, you can tell your boss you're in a " swivet ." Not only will you be honest about your feelings, but you'll also impress them with your elevated vocabulary!

" Swivet " is a noun that can be used as a synonym for panic, agitation, or aggravated nervousness. Shaky hands, belly aches, and cold sweats are just some of the uncomfortable symptoms often associated with this rare word. Have you ever experienced something like this?



Credit: Tom Pumford

If you're one of those who enjoy poetry, a good romantic movie, or just anything that brings tears to your eyes, then you might be a sensitive, melancholy soul that could be described as " lachrymose ."

That's right, this is a fancy adjective that doesn't just describe emotional people; it also points to what brings on those tears. You can tell your friend, for example, "Don't watch that movie if you're not in the mood to cry; it's a real lachrymose drama!"

In its roots, we find Latin again. It derives from lacrima , a beautiful word meaning " tear ."


Color Psychology: Use Colors To Their Full Potential

Published on June 28, 2024

Credit: Héctor J. Rivas

Colors are more than just visual stimuli; they hold the power to evoke emotions, shape perceptions, and influence behaviors . The psychological impact of colors has been studied extensively, revealing how different hues can trigger specific responses in individuals . By understanding the principles of color, their psychological impact, and their practical applications, you can create compelling designs, and enhance your natural features .

Let’s get into the fascinating world of color psychology and explore the effects of ten prominent colors on the human psyche.


Understanding the basics

Credit: Mika Baumeister

You probably already know about primary and secondary colors, and you also know there are many more colors than those. What you probably don’t know is that each combination receives a different name and, learning about the color wheel is a fundamental tool to elevate your features. Consider combinations in terms of:

  • **Complementary colors:** These are **located directly opposite each other** on the color wheel. For example, orange and purple. Together, they create high-contrast vibrancy and impact.
  • **Analogous colors:** They sit **adjacent to each other** on the color wheel. For example, blue and green. Contrary to complementary colors, these together create harmony and cohesion. They evoke unity and tranquility.
  • **Triadic colors:** These are **evenly spaced around the color wheel**, forming a triangle. For example, red, yellow and blue. They provide a balanced contras while maintaining harmony. They create dynamic and visually appealing compositions.


Credit: Unsplash+

Red is, typically, the color associated with intense feelings : passion, energy, and excitement. Synonyms with desire and sensuality, red is the color of romantic love and attraction.

In fashion, red is associated with power and it can easily attract attention . It is visually striking as it stands out against its surroundings. It can make you feel confident and strong, red has the power to captivate the imagination, stimulate the senses, and drive action.



Credit: Kier in Sight Archives

When you think of blue, you probably think of the sea first. And unless you suffer from

thalassophobia, you feel relaxed. That is because blue is associated with tranquility, trustworthiness, and reliability .

In fashion, shades of blue -from serene sky blue to deep navy- convey a sense of calm sophistication. A classic blue suit exudes professionalism , while a breezy blue dress evokes a relaxed yet refined vibe.



Credit: Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona

This color is magical to some. If you are having a bad day, wearing a yellow sweater can instantly make you feel happier. That is because yellow radiates optimism, happiness, and naturally, warmth .

Yellow garments or accessories bring a burst of sunshine to any wardrobe. Whether it is a vibrant yellow sundress or a subtle yellow accessory, this color adds a playful and cheerful touch to an ensemble.



Credit: iam_os

Green is the color of nature, it symbolizes harmony, balance, and growth . In fashion, every shade of green -from earthy olives to vibrant emeralds- evokes a connection to nature and sustainability. Green clothes convey a sense of freshness and vitality , making it a popular choice for eco-conscious fashionistas.

However, that is not all. Green suits evoke authority at the same time that they exude reliability and closeness.



Credit: Sang Tran

Purple holds a unique allure, it evokes a sense of luxury, creativity, and regal elegance . It is historically linked to opulence and, in fashion, it gives every look a sense of grandeur and sophistication.

Beyond its association with luxury, purple is also a color of creativity and individuality . It sparks imagination and encourages artistic expression. Purple accessories inject a playful and whimsical element into an outfit and they showcase an interest for innovation.



Credit: Unsplash+

Orange radiates vitality and warmth , similar to yellow, but with a touch of energy . It is dynamic and playful and it easily captivates the eye and invigorates the spirit. Using an orange garment serves as a focus of attention and energy , uplifting any outfit and contrasting with the rest of the colors.

Whether it is a soft peach dress for a casual day out or a vibrant tangerine skirt for a night on the town, orange attires radiate joy and optimism, lifting the wearer’s spirit with a sense of confidence.



Credit: Alexandra Tran

Pink, with its soft and delicate hue, holds a special place as it evokes feelings of femininity, romance, and sweetness . It transcends time and trends in its ability to convey grace.

Pink clothes can be seen as a symbol of charm and sophistication. The soft, rosy tones of blush pink create a sense of ethereal beauty while, combined with flowers, it exudes elegance and grace. It is one of the most versatile colors as it can easily be adapted to casual and formal outfits.

Pink is inherently romantic, symbolizing love, affection, and tenderness.



Credit: Ivana Cajina

Black is probably the wildcard in every closet and there are reasons aplenty. But the nerd note first, black is not actually color, but the absence of it. Black is not just any color, it is a statement of power, it effortlessly transmits sophistication and class , and it goes with every color. That is why it easily became a staple in fashion.

Moreover, black is also the color that best flatters every figure, regardless of your weight. Wearing black can create curves and accentuate your silhouette. And naturally, it has transcended infinite trends and seasons, remaining eternally chic and versatile.



Credit: Samantha Gades

Similar to black, white is also an eternally versatile color. White represents balance, clarity, and calmness more than any other color. It represents purity and newness.

Considering it is the chosen color for brides and major life events of the sort, white is connected to elegance and freshness, and, contrary to what those specific scenarios may show, it also represents simplicity and innocence .

White is the color of ethereal beauty and luminosity as it reflects natural light in a unique way.

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